Vincent G. Squire

46, Certified Trainer

As a child, my father took me under his wing to teach me to work out regularly. He persistently challenged me with physical activities in order to make sure I understood how my body worked. I knew early on that with what my father instilled in me it would eventually allow me to have a positive impact on others . I have always valued the importance of maintaining good health, and later on in life after being diagnosed with Diabetes, I made it even more of my focus.  After being thrown into a diabetic lifestyle, I was determined to educate myself on how diabetes occurs and the find out the best way to manage the effects of it to ensure the healthiest outcome. Not only was I able to do this but also got in the best shape of my life!

The decision to become a trainer was a natural one for me!  Having to overcome health challenges in my adulthood, I realized very quickly that the quality of your health affects EVERY aspect of your life.  After conquering this I knew I wanted to be able to help others to be just as successful!

I am certified with the ISSA as a personal trainer focused on Strength and conditioning, sports nutrition and weight loss. Joining the Rapid Results Personal Training team is a chance to grow even more in my knowledge while applying all of my current skills and facilitate positive change to my future clients. As a trainer I also hope to help as many diabetics as possible to learn how to manage their condition and live a healthy lifestyle and for those who are pre-diabetic, overcome it!

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