Teala Griffin

26, Trainer Practicum

Growing up I was always thin and looked fine but I never really excelled at any sport or physical activity and it always bothered me.  I realized it was because I never really had anyone teach me and push me to excel or set physical goals. It became even more evident in college that had I had that mentor to work with me personally, it would have changed everything about where I am today.  I decided that nothing would be more inspiring than to have a career doing just that for people who want to achieve their very best.

In pursuit of my goal to become a trainer I enrolled in NASM certification because I knew it was nationally certified and touted as the best!   However, I realized that in order to become a great trainer I would need to gain hands on experience.  I chose RRPT Advanced Training Practicum because when doing an online search they had a great reputation and welcoming environment.  I also loved that I would be able to work for the company I learned from! I also plan to obtain my Corrective Exercise Specialist certification as well as a certification in pre and post-natal certification.

I am excited to be able to work alongside so many amazing clients here at RRPT while early on in my practicum. This will give me the opportunity to improve on my own physique while still an understudy.  It will be even more inspiring to transition to the point where I have the knowledge to go on to train some of you!  My goal is to impress all of you here at RRPT by acquiring the highest level of skill possible and adding to that my own dedication, motivation and determination so that all of my future clients will be motivated to their own change!