Ryan Esposito

Trainer Practicum

As a teenager, I thought working out was probably too much work. Then one day my sister INSISTED I go to the gym and try it. She introduced me to the challenge and inspiration that comes from pushing yourself to the limit.  Once I learned how to do that, I was HOOKED!  From then on I had created a new passion that would continue to drive me mentally and physically.  This new found passion is what inspired me to want to become a trainer so that I could be in the gym ever day of my life and helping others to see that working out doesn’t have to just be hard work.

I chose to get my personal trainer education from the RRPT Practicum Program at my mom’s recommendation because I was able to see for myself the results that RRPT trainers were able to achieve with her.  Having been a client at RRPT first, before entering the practicum has allowed me to experience both sides of the equation…I know what a client wants from a trainer and now I am learning how to provide that in the safest and most effective manner.

As a trainer, I hope to help my clients realize the benefits that come with putting in the hard work and then seeing their bodies and minds change! I plan to encourage, motivate and drive them to love this is much as I do!  I will fill them with positive affirmations and help rid them of excuses so they can overcome body image issues, strengthen their weaknesses and created amazing new versions of themselves!  I will also tell them to always remind themselves of why they’re doing it, and that pain is temporary and pride is forever!