Certified Personal Trainer

I began working out at 11 when my parents tried to introduce me to weight training and I resisted because it seemed like too much work!  I realized on my own within the next couple years that I was prone to lazy activities but I wanted to change that, so at 13 after some of my other friends became interested in weight training as well, I decided to give it a try.  I mean my parents WERE trainers so why not take advantage of the help I could get!  BOY AM I GLAD I DID, not only did I gain strength and endurance but GREAT mass gains as I was just a skinny kid prior!  Turns out they actually DID know better than me!

As I got more involved in it I realized I had a natural eye for perfect form and I started helping my friends and other clients around the gym. Once my parents saw that I was capable they offered to allow me to intern with RRPT !  I did so well in internship that when a practicum position became available they allowed me to apply for it.  I have since LOVED becoming a trainer.  It has given me a great sense of accomplishment helping people achieve their goals!  It has also helped me grow up a lot learning to put other peoples needs before my own!

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