Rob Brenes

Advanced Personal Trainer

I have always been active throughout my life whether it was trying different  sports or participating in the ROTC athletic team in high school! Being active has always been apart of me! I was always the biggest advocate of health and fitness in my family, encouraging friends to come together and workout with me. Sometimes it was through fun activities like hiking, working out at the park, riding bikes, running etc…(sometimes with all my energy I would drive them nuts, but they always appreciated the inspiration!) Because of this many have asked if I was a personal trainer. This made me realize that maybe that was my calling! My mom told me about RRPT and how it was an amazing experience for her, which inspired me to check it out!

I did and was as impressed as my mom was! Deciding to become a trainer is life changing!  I’m enrolled in the Trainer Practicum currently!!  I am excited that as part of this practicum I can BECOME the change I want to help others to see! We learn to do before teaching others to do at RRPT! I love inspiring and motivating people! The best part of it all is the feeling that I get when I know that I played a part in helping someone reach their fitness goals!! 

HEALTH IS WEALTH!!! I know how important it is to build a solid foundation of health BEFORE overwhelming our lives with other endeavors. Good habits lead to success and will positively affect every area of our life! I come from a family that has a history of high blood pressure and health problems so fitness will ALWAYS be apart of my life. I instill that in my own family. Gaining valuable experience and knowledge everyday that I will keep with me forever excites me!! When I set my focus on something I can’t be stopped and I want to bring that same fire with me as a personal trainer! LETS GO!!

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