Paula Brown

49, Cardio Trainer

I have always been concerned with my health and improving my physical appearance. It wasn’t until I joined RRPT That I realized I could in fact overcome physical challenges if I had the right knowledge, perseverance and consistency for my workouts. As I conquered some of these challenges and goals I made major changes in my strength, endurance and my physiques appearance and thus my passion for fitness was born!!

After Several Years of training under Laurie Ann’s guidance I became somewhat of a student teacher in her ab class as that seemed to be my most advanced skill set in the gym. After months of student teaching, Laurie Ann groomed me to teach ab clinics to her clients. Then she saw my next skill set born …I love to teach and motivate as I began doing with several clients on their cardio programs. Laurie then decided to make me a cardio trainer. I truly enjoy helping RRPT clients to reach new heights in their cardio endurance and overcome fears they have had about being able to push themselves to the next level of cardio fitness!

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