Ken Le

26, Certified Personal Trainer

In High school, I wanted to make some changes because I was unhappy with my body composition, therefore I joined a weight training class. I made great gains in the first 2 years and developed decent size. However, I eventually stopped seeing progress which lead me to research fitness and nutrition. Years later I gained weight in my stomach mostly due to poor to nutrition choices and decided to train in calisthenics. With this discipline, I began to develop a strong passion for fitness because I finally saw myself break out of my plateau. I trained in body weight training practicing handstands almost everyday and I saw significant improvements over the years. Overcoming my plateau inspired me to want to become a personal trainer so I can help others realize that they too can accomplish their goals no matter how tough they seem.

I graduated from Georgia State University with a  bachelors degree on May 2020. Although my degree does not relate directly to the fitness field, I have a strong passion for fitness and nutrition. I took an Introduction to Nutrition class in college in order to gain knowledge about what a healthy eating plate consists of. After I graduated college, I decided to pursue my Personal Trainer Career by obtaining a NASM certification for Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Although this was the highest level paper course I could achieve, I realized that I wanted more. I needed a hands on Practicum to truly become a great personal trainer.

I discovered Rapid Results Personal Training and I was chosen for the Trainer Practicum Program. So far I am amazed with the company because they have taught me the great qualities of a good personal trainer. I have much more to learn but learning is a process and I know I will become a great Trainer with the proper knowledge provided by Rapid Results Personal Training. I hope to also gain additional certification in injury protocol. My goal is to become a well educated trainer so that I can help my clients fully attain their goals in the safest way possible!

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