Eddie Gutierrez

Trainer Practicum

I grew up in a small town in South Texas near the border. Growing up I always knew I wanted to help people. Coming from a place where obesity & diabetes was a common issue, I realized I wanted to secure my own health. Being skinny wasn’t healthy either, so I wanted to create a healthy body with more muscle, more strength, stamina, and energy! Making the change for myself motivated me to inspired others to the same path.

I was fortunate enough to find a gym internship that taught me customer service & how to achieve client’s goals. While I appreciated what I learned, I knew I needed more education to become a great trainer. I discovered RRPT, applied and was excited to be selected for the practicum. I hope to learn as much as possible during the next four months so that I can apply all that knowledge at Rapid Results! I also plan to later increase my education by pursuing a nutrition certification as well.

I hope to help people from all backgrounds to appreciate the benefits of exercise nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle and maintain it. another goal that’s dear to my heart is to help educate those in the Spanish community that do not have the resources gain information and education! Everyone has a thousand and one excuses on why they can’t, but I’m here to show them they can!

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