Daniel Redford

22, Trainer

As a preteen I was skinny and not very athletic! I had the honor of being encouraged and motivated by a great track coach to reach out for sports and train and push myself to become an athlete! Training encouraged me to be healthier by creating a good schedule of workouts and tracking my progress. This gave me a desire to learn more about fitness!

The first sport I learned was track and field an I joined Raiders for ROTC. Having an active back ground in ROTC encouraged you to join the US Navy where I meet more physically fit people in military fitness community.

Now that I have found personal success in fitness I realize that I am drawn to it and want the chance to help others find and embrace the benefits that fitness offers to each of us! When I found the practicum for RRPT I knew it was a gateway to become a GREAT personal trainer. After becoming a trainer I hope to expand my field of work and pursue a career in coaching. I want to coach field events, such as high jump for track. I desire to build myself to coach either a high school or college team as I pursue education in sports science.

I intend to learn as much as possible to improve myself and change others to meet their physical goals. I want my clients to know the smallest amount of growth is one step closer to being confident in themselves!

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