Six Important Questions to Consider When Hiring a Personal Trainer

Before you entrust a personal trainer with your health and well being, there are SIX important questions you MUST consider to ensure that they can actually help you attain your fitness goals…

1.  How educated is the personal trainer and how much experience do they have?  Look for a national certification and/or 5 to 10 plus years of experience so that YOU are not their guinea pig!

2.  Is the personal trainer going to just work you out (anyone with basic knowledge in a gym can do that) or actually BUILD you a personalized program based on your  current weight and body fat while considering your individual strengths, weaknesses, injuries, body type, schedule limitations and  goals?

3.  Is the personal trainer capable of helping you create REAL accountability?  Cause let’s face it the knowledge of the program is extremely important but if you were overly accountable to your exercise program already you probably wouldn’t be knocking on their door to begin with.

4.  Does the personal trainer possess working knowledge of a successful nutrition plan that will assist you in achieving these goals?    Nutrition is 65% of your weight loss/gain results so without it success is limited and often futile in its attempt.

5.  Will the personal trainer actually teach you proper form and function of exercise so as to avoid injury and give you a notebook full of information about your program that is yours to keep to assist you in continuing your program successfully on your own when you decide it’s time to leave the trainer?

6.  But the most important by far, and the one I see written about the least in other articles about how to find a GREAT trainer is: PROOF OF THEIR RESULTS….BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES….of REAL PEOPLE whom you can call for reference if you are interested in training with this trainer. Would you hire an artist without seeing his art work or a musician without hearing their music? Why no, of course not, so why would you hire a trainer who is artistically creating a program intended to create dramatic results without proof that they have successfully achieved this MANY times??  You shouldn’t.  Why is it, you wonder, that so many trainers have no proof of their results??   Well, that’s obvious… because they have not yet achieved that kind of success!  Maybe they are new to the business or maybe they are too timid or unorganized to get pictures, but, nonetheless, do not waste one penny of your hard earned money there as we all know the proof is in the pudding, or picture in this case, and you want to be SURE they are capable of building a safe but successful program, motivating you, pushing you, encouraging you and helping you actually ACHIEVE your final goal!

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