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DIET IS ATLEAST 65% of your fitness results!

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IF you don’t have a healthy nutrition plan customized to your goals you are doubtful to achieve the long term results you desire.

Contradictory to popular opinion, High protein/ LOW CARB plans are NOT healthy for individuals working out on a regular basis.

They can put your body into Ketosis and overwork your liver and kidneys. They also rob your body of necessary nutrients required for energy, endurance and muscle fullness as well as causing a lot of extra uncomfortable bowel movements.

Different body types and different fitness goals require different customized nutrition plans.

Rapid Results Nutrition

plans include a diet journal evaluation to assess your dietary needs according to your fitness plan, a nutritional consultation to educate you on product labeling and how proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sodium and sugar are processed within your body, a printed copy of a personalized Nutrition plan with diet formula and rules for your plan and a grocery list to assist in meal planning.

Nutrition Packages
Rapid Results
Nutrition Plan
Comes with diet journal evaluation, nutritional consultation and customized plan$125.00
Rapid Results Nutrition Plus PlanIncludes Basic Rapid Results Nutrition Plan PLUS 2 (½ hour) follow up nutrition counseling sessions to assess results/ make necessary changes when primary body fat goals are achieved and/or to deal with any struggles or road blocks along the way)$195.00
Rapid Results Clean out the Kitchen PlanIncludes the Basic Rapid Results Nutrition Plan plus we come to your house for 2 hours and help you get rid of all the food in your kitchen that is not allowed in your nutrition program and is causing your current problems)$249.00
Take me to the grocery store!Rapid Results Nutrition Plus Plan and a trip to the grocery store for labels and product education as well as to help you shop for your first week on your Rapid Results Nutrition Plan$249
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