RECIPE: Turkey Spinach and Apple Wraps

Category:  25 to 75 lbs to lose


Turkey Spinach and Apple Wraps


Try out this tasty quick recipe when you

need a lunch on the go!

(use the whole wheat wrap though)


1 Tbsp. of plain lowfat yogurt

2 tsp. of yellow mustard

2 whole wheat tortilla wraps

2 cups Fresh n Quick spinach leaves

4 slices of Boarshead Low sodium

turkey breast

8 very thinly cut organic apple



Combine yogurt and mustard and  then spread

on the wraps. Top with a layer of spinach

leaves and turkey.

Lay apple slices lengthwise along the turkey.

Fold over one end and then the other and  

roll pulling tightly as you turn the wrap.

Cover each wrap tightly with saran wrap

and refrigerate for at least two hours before  

serving.  Cut in halves before serving.

Makes 2 servings

Serving size: two halves

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