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[s2If is_user_logged_in() AND current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)]
Welcome Back: [s2Get constant=”S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_FIRST_NAME” /] [s2Get constant=”S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_LAST_NAME” /]
Login Name: [s2Get constant=”S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_LOGIN” /]
Login ID: [s2Get constant=”S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_ID” /]
Access Level: [s2Get constant=”S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_ACCESS_LABEL” /]
PayPal Subscrition ID: [s2Get constant=”S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_SUBSCR_OR_WP_ID” /]
Number of Days Registered: [s2Get constant=”S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_PAID_REGISTRATION_DAYS” /]

Update Billing Info:
[s2Member-Pro-PayPal-Form update=”1″ desc=”Update your billing information.” accept=”paypal,visa,mastercard,amex” default_country_code=”” captcha=”0″ /]

echo “Cancel Subscription“;
} else {
echo “

CANCEL DISABLED :: According to the terms of registration, must have paid for 3 months before cancelling

} [/php]

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