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[singlepic id=89 w=320 h=240 float=left]Experience and Certifications

As the owner, I hold certifications through ACE and the National Health Club Association and have been training for 25 years with experience in strength and conditioning training, weight loss, extreme weight loss and training as well as post rehab experience in many areas including:

  • post bariatric surgery
  • senior fitness
  • children’s fitness
  • sport specific training
  • 15 years experience in post- rehab for injuries of the spine
  • disc herniations
  • bulging disc
  • spinal rods
  • scoliosis and spinal fusions
  • hip, knee (ACL, MCL, Patella tendon)
  • shoulder including rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, bicipital tendon repair and bursitis
I am also experienced working with post rehab from hip replacement, knee replacement and spinal fusions as well as many variations of low back pain.  I have also worked with many thyroid patients to help them achieve weight loss despite their conditions.  Many of my clients have been overweight their entire lives and after coming to me for a complete program have transformed their bodies to healthy fit ones for life.  I am extremely passionate about helping these people who had all but given up hope.
In addition I am certified in group training for advanced abdominal training, Bootcamp and stretch therapy.  I also teach Kettle Bell, Kickboxing, Pump and Grind and Stroops Band Training .
My certifications in Nutrition early on led me to creating my own nutrition plan which has proved extremely successful over the last 20 years. Therefore, I am compiling a report on the program so that I may distribute it on a larger scale and help more people to get a better hold on their nutrition. I have many before and after pictures to detail my client successes and give credibility to my training expertise and effectiveness.

You can view them online or at our RRPT location. Additionally  I launched a RRPT Trainer Practicum program over 15 years ago and have trained countless trainers to become safe, effective and successful personal trainers.

Motivation to begin training

Having been diagnosed in my early twenty’s with Hyperthyroidism with Graves disease and later Osteopenia , having two hernia surgeries and a c-section birth due to a high risk pregnancy, I understand the value of your health.

I was fighting hyperthyroidism and ended up at 90 lbs. in a hospital bed that led me to begin my search for good health.  Growing up I thought being skinny was healthy but I soon realized that skinny was scary, not healthy, and that that being healthy meant being physically FIT.
This led me to my journey into personal training which helped me obtain the body I had always wanted! After overcoming my own health issues AND CREATING A BODY TO BE PROUD OF I decided I found a fulfilling a more exciting career path!  I gave up two degrees and a lucrative career in sales and marketing to do something that I became MUCH more passionate about; helping people obtain their dreams of getting healthy, changing their shape, learning to love their bodies and embracing the art of getting fit!

Philospohy of training

“Don’t dream it……LIVE IT!!”

Open your mind for empowerment; train your mind and body to discipline and embrace your inner athlete!
If training is to be effective it must be individualized to the client’s personal situation and needs and must be safe yet challenging, dynamic, varied, fun, and convenient yet never swaying in its endeavors.
I am dedicated to being professional, determined, focused, inspirational, motivating and maintaining a NO EXCUSES attitude to help you gain the accountability that you will ultimately thrive on. You already possess the ability, I will show you how to access that ability and reach your POTENTIAL fitness level!
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