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About Todd

Todd’s Profile

Experience and Certifications

[singlepic id=145 w=320 h=240 float=right]Todd is certified through the NHCA as a certified Personal Trainer and Powerhouse Gyms Training Practicums for Strength and Conditioning training.

Todd has been training with Rapid Results Personal Training for 12 years and specializes in strength training, weight loss, older adult fitness, strength and conditioning training for athletes, post rehab of low back and shoulder injuries, children’s fitness and sport specific training.

He focuses on form and function of training so as to teach safe effective techniques that will last a lifetime of training free of injury. He enjoys making workouts challenging but also fun and always incorporates effective stretching into his workouts to ensure muscles remain flexible as well as to reduce soreness levels.

On a personal Level Todd Competed in numerous Power Lifting Competitions in his early twenty’s before he launched his training career.

Motivation to begin training

After watching his own weight increase as a teenager with bad eating habits and low motivation to exercise Todd saw the need to make some changes in his life.  He got teased a lot for being husky and wanted to increase his self esteem as well as be healthy.  So he started working out at his brother’s gym and eventually got in GREAT physical condition. This motivated him to enter Power lifting competitions as a way to continue to challenge his body and put it to the test.

After enjoying his new found confidence and lifestyle as a healthy athlete for 15 years he decided to give up his primary career and become a trainer full time to help others to achieve such lifestyle changes as he had.

Philosophy of training

It you want change you have to MAKE it happen, NO ONE can do it for you!

I hope to help those people with the desire to MAKE it happen by giving them the knowledge of how to do it, helping them to create the structure and the discipline to do it safely, and creating a formula for GUARANTEED success!

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