Congratulations to our RRPT Weight Loss Challenge Contestants and Winners !

All of us at Rapid Results are SO proud of all the contestants in our recent Weight Loss Challenge and their personal accomplishments.  We would like to post a few pics of some of the winners and highlight their accomplishments.

TYING FOR FIRST PLACE WE HAD SUZY WILNER (winner for greatest percentage of  weight lost)  AND JENNIFER SMITH (for greatest percentage of body fat lost).  These programs were AMAZING as these are two clients( both over 50 lets just say…lol) who had been struggling with food issues and FINALLY overcame their worst challenges to accomplish these goals to achieve the results you see!  Neither of them are done though they are still working towards future goals!

Suzy Before

Suzy Before

Suzie After

Suzie After


Jennifer Before

Jennifer Before Pic (front)

Jennifer after

Jennifer after Pic (front)

Jennifer Before (side)

Jennifer Before Pic (side)


Jennifer After (side)

Jennifer After Pic (side)



Then in Second Place was James Brown.  He looks AMAZING with 48 total lbs. off his body!



James before (Front)

James before Pic (Front)

James after Front

James After pic (Front)

James after (back)

James After Pic(back)

James After (back)

James After Pic (back)

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