Mom And Me


Rapid Results Personal Training is excited to announce the coming of new MOM AND ME FITNESS CLASSES for moms
and their 8-13 boys and girls to take together. This will be an amazing opportunity foy moms to influence their young boys and girls to become interested in health and fitness at a young age and begin working out. Since most gyms in town do not aloow kids to start under 12-14 years old this will be a great opportunity for these young ones to get to experience fun fitness classes! It will also give moms a chance to workout once or twice a week week WITH their child, sharing their passion with their little fitness warrriors to be!

We are beginning sign ups now and the classes will be on Tues and Thurs from 3:30- 4:30 and set to begin Tuesday Oct. 13th. This is a great time slot to allow your child to get out of school get a snack then have some physical exercise to wake up before going home to attack their homework! Enrollment is limited to 6 teams in each class to keep the class sizes small and safe for all! Price is only $24.99 per class member per class. You can sign up for 1 X a week or 2 X a week by monthly enrollment.
If you or a friend are interested you can call us at
678-402-8401 for more info.


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