RRPT Cross train (please do not confuse with Cross Fit which it is NOT!































Cross Train is an intense competition training class that involves exercises from every other class in the gym (Bootcamp, fitboxing, kettlebell, abs class, Butts and Bands) as well as free weights, machines and cables all combined in one INTENSE PARTNER COMPETITION to see who can complete the most sets of the two page program custom designed weekly. 

The catch is that there are anywhere from two to three trainers running from client to client correcting form and pushing the clients to work harder and faster!  The music is pumping and it is one BIG FITNESS THROW DOWN in the gym. 

Clients LOVE it as it is super motivating and a whole lot of fun!  We do not use olympic style lifting like cross fit does as that tends to cause injuries.  We also INSIST on proper form to protect clients!


TUESCrosstrain6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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