Checkout East Cobbs newest Teacher Transformation

Straight from Addison Elementary School we are proud to feature our newest TEACHER TRANSFORMATION!  Our teachers work hard to educate our students and they put in long hours and often don’t eat right or find time to exercise as they should.  Cathie Newell had decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH!  She didn’t like the way she felt and was fed up with the way her clothes fit and feeling disappointed about the way she looked.  She came to Rapid Results because this is where her son made his successful transformation years prior.  She had confidence because of the hundreds of clients whose lives she had seen us change with our successful fitness programs over the years.  Within 4 months Cathie made an amazing transformation and is still working on an even fitter body!  Check out her success and then comment on the FB page  for Rapid Results about your thoughts on her hard work!

Cathy Newell Before PictureUnhappy teacher!

Cathy Newell Before Picture
Unhappy teacher!


Cathy Newell After…Happy Teacher!
120 day transformation. She did personal training kettlebell and Rock Solid abs class to get this Rockin new Body! Stay tuned for her update though….she is not done yet!

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