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Biggest Loser Competition comes to RRPT!!

OK RRPT Clients and Fans, IT’ S THAT TIME AGAIN…..Biggest Loser Competition comes to RRPT! We are about to launch our 10th Annual RRPT Biggest Loser Competition! The EXCITEMENT, MOTIVATION and LOSING is set to be OFF the CHARTS! People are already signing up! What better time to sign up to speed up your transformation …

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RRPT’s Newest Success Story…Children’s Weightloss

  This is the update on the progress of our 2014  Children’s Obesity Weightloss Program candidate…Ludwin.  He is 9 years old and absolutey ROCKED his results in our Children’s Weightloss Program with 18 % body fat loss and 25lbs weightloss!  But don’t believe me…check it out for yourself!               …

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RRPT Children’s Obesity Donor Funded Program Recipient

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW CHILDREN’S OBESITY PROGRAM WINNER CHOSEN ON JANUARY 1st.       His name is Ludwin Lemus and he is a Marietta resident.  We are so excited about his program here with Rapid Results.  We absolutely LOVE changing the lives of children like him who have a grim outlook to their health …

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