Bridal Bootcamps


BRIDAL BOOTCAMPS      $399  to $499  per month depending on enrollment .  (3 month minimum)

     This three day a week group fitness workout program is personalized and catered to a bridal party’s needs if you have 6 or more that are signing up as a group OR you can be placed in existing group fitness registration classes if need be.  Price includes:

  • Two or Three one hour weekly group fitness classes including all muscle groups (if you have a group of 6 or more then you pick any three from the class structure list : RRPT Kettlebell, Fitboxing, RRPT HIIT CLASS, RRPT Cross Training, RRPT Stroops Class,  RRPT Butts and bands, RRPT Bosu Ball Core and Strength , RRPT cardio dance, RRPT Rock Solid Abs and Bootcamp) CLASS TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. 
  • A nutrition plan 
  • Pictures for  your scrapbook’**With a party of 5 or more the Bride gets 50% off her program.  With a registration of a full class of  8 members the BRIDE’S monthly bridal bootcamp program is FREE! (pictures below are for fun and scrapbook.  Bridal bootcampers do NOT actually wear veils during workouts! LOL)




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