Chase Poorman

Weight:136 lbs to 159 lbs
Weight Loss Total:-
Body Fat: 16.0% to 8.9%
Body Fat Loss Total:-

Nancy Lindstrom

Weight:104 lbs to 99 lbs
Weight Loss Total:-
Body Fat: 24.6% to 21.0%
Body Fat Loss Total:-

Wayne Holland

Weight:183 lbs to 161 lbs
Weight Loss Total:22 lbs.
Body Fat: 22.7% to 15.9%
Body Fat Loss Total:6.8%

Wendy Winn

Weight:137 lbs to 118 lbs
Weight Loss Total:9 lbs.
Body Fat: 30.4% to 23.8%
Body Fat Loss Total:6.6%

Melissa Bachman

Weight:158 lbs to 122 lbs
Weight Loss Total:36 lbs.
Body Fat: 30.5% to 17.5%
Body Fat Loss Total:13.7%

Tadd Dimmit

Weight:368 lbs to 197 lbs
Weight Loss Total:71 lbs.
Body Fat: 34.3% to 20.6%
Body Fat Loss Total:13.7%