(click for more images)

Weight:180 lbs to 165.5 lbs
Weight Loss Total:14.5 lbs.
Body Fat:38.3% to 33.3%
Body Fat Loss Total:5%

Rebecca Smith (click for more images)

Weight:214 lbs to 172 lbs
Weight Loss Total:42 lbs.
Body Fat:39.5% to 31.7%
Body Fat Loss Total:7.8%

Savannah Kozuch (click for more images)

Weight:252.5 lbs to 162 lbs
Weight Loss Total:90.5 lbs.
Body Fat:43.7% to 26.6%
Body Fat Loss Total:17.1%

Kathy Newell (click for more images)

Weight:200 lbs to 150 lbs
Weight Loss Total:50 lbs.
Body Fat:40% to 29.7%
Body Fat Loss Total:10.3%

Jason Thornberry (click for more images)

Weight:200 lbs to 188 lbs
Weight Loss Total:12 lbs.
Body Fat:19% to 14.3%
Body Fat Loss Total:4.7%

Adam Watson (click for more images)

Weight:216 lbs to 179 lbs
Weight Loss Total:37 lbs.
Body Fat:20.6% to 10.6%
Body Fat Loss Total:10%
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